Web Designing Company in Mohali

As one of the leading Web designing company in Mohali, we cater to the fraternity of the clients and provide them the services which suits best to their requirements. We analyze the situation of every business deeply, understand their purpose and comprehend with it accordingly. Our services include web designing, Logo Design, web development and search engine optimization. We provide websites to our clients which are very cost efficiently. We work in all the industries from fashion to Entertainment to health care and real estate. When it comes to your business you should not take chances but rather go for the best and we at PPC Fame provide you with the best resolutions. We are the first preference for the industry leaders and well settled businesses when it comes to best Web designing company in Mohali.

Why Choose PPC for Web Designing?  

As a top web designing company in Mohali, we make sure we provide our clients with nothing but with the best web designs. We provide suitable and customizable websites for you that fulfills your purpose. We not just take it as our profession but work with full passion. Our designers will make sure all your needs and purposes are being fulfilled. As they always say first impression is the last impression and we believe in this ideology therefore we will leave no stones unturned to make sure the website that we make stands out from the rest. We also build up the websites on different platforms such PHP, Magento and word Press. Apart from that we also provide digital marketing services such as search engine optimization, Ads for social media networks and pay per click services.

PHP development services

In simpler words, PHP is an open-source computer language which helps us to create dynamic websites and which later can be embedded into HTML.

There are a number of advantages of making your website with PPC Fame

  1. It is known as one of the most simple and easiest languages to learn.
  2. It has efficient performance.
  3. It has easy integration and compatibility.
  4. Gives the developer more control when it comes to other languages.

We are the best PHP website designing and developing company in Mohali bringing you one stop for all your web development and designing needs.

Magento Development Services

Magento, is a website platform which allows the developer to build user friendly e commerce websites. It offers search engine optimization and also catalog management tools.

Why should one choose PPC for Magento?

  1. It can support from small to large scale businesses thus making it highly reliable.
  2. It has a community named Magento community, so if you ever face any kind of issues, you can always rely and trust blindly on the community.
  3. Magento is a default and most favorite content management system.
  4. Another reason to love it is because it is an open-source system catering to all the needs of the user.

WordPress Development Services

WordPress is something which is very easy for beginners yet something very powerful for the developers and designers. It is a blog content management system which allows the user to develop a website even without setting up a blog. In today’s world 42% of the web is built on WordPress and is one of the most popular ways to build a website.

Advantages of WordPress-

  1. The coding is very simple hence making it very simple for the search engine to read a site’s content.
  2. Each post and Image has its own meta tags keywords and description making it very easy for the optimization.
  3. It allows multiple users to run the website without any coding.
  4. It allows you to install multiple theme plugins, and customize the website even after it is being published.

Search Engine Optimization-

It is the process of improving the ranking of your website, on search engine pages such as google, safari etc. It means deriving the organic traffic on your website. It makes the company’s website more discoverable and nonetheless provides lasting benefits.

It is further divided into 6 parts-

  1. Research- Includes business research, keyword searching etc.
  2. Planning- making strategies as to how to build content and links.
  3. Implementing those techniques.
  4. Monitoring the traffic.
  5. Assessing SEO, s processed targets.
  6. Optimizing new and new content.

If you’re a growing business, well settled business looking to expand onto internet and want consultation, you should definitely give PPC Fame a chance. We have been in this Industry for more than 10 years now and have provided very successful results for our clients. We provide web development and web designing at a very pocket friendly prices so that new startups can afford our services also. Our services have not been just limited to the Mohali and Chandigarh but have been working for clients for all across the world.