How to Do Keywords Research

The keywords research is a practice search engine optimization professionals use to a find & research search terms that users enter into search engines when  a looking for the products , services or general Information’s.

keyword-research are related to queries, which are asked by user in a search engines. There are three types of a queries: 1. Navigational Search Queries 2. Informational Search Queries 3. Transactional Search Queries.

Search engine optimization of a professionals first research keyword, or then align web pages with a these keywords to achieve better rankings in the search engines optimization. Once they find is a niche keyword research optimization, they expand on it to find similar a keywords.  The Keyword research optimization suggestion its a tools usually aid the process, like a Google ads keywords planner which offers a thesaurus or alternative keyword suggestions. The Google also a first party data aids this is a research through the likes of a Google autocompletes or related searches & People Also Asked

Personally I suggest you some Tools of keyword research:-

  1. Google keyword planner
  2. Uber Suggest
  3. Paid Tools
  4. SEMrush
  5. Ahrefs
  6. Soovle
  7. Mozbar
  8. Spyfu


Paid tools is used by who have agencies and who have 7 to 8  own websites. The people who are in learning phase then you should not buy paid tools. Because in learning phase there are a lot work can be done by free tools so there is no need to buy paid tools.

In first we search all this free keywords and the foundation of keyword Research Will be given below:-

Foundation of Keyword:- Keywords are the foundation of the  a keyword research process. They are define your niche or help you identify your competitors.

What is Search volume:-

Search volume is a metric that  is  a shows how to  many people are searching for a particular query. When creating your content strategy, taking search volume into account is a vital because it reflects the popularity of the query. Ideally, you want to find keywords with a high search volume or a low rate of search competition.

How much Competition:-

Keyword competition is the measure of how difficult it will be to rank for a particular keyword. The competition for are a keyword can be a very depending on how popular the keyword research is or industry competition.

Keywords decide on 3 categories:-

  1. Short tail keywords – “running shoes’’ “SEO’’ marketing,” “smartphones,” “fast food” laptops.
  2. Medium tail Keywords – what is SEO, What is digital marketing, keywords research and analysis, keywords analytics.
  3. Long tail keywords – what is the benefit of SEO, What is the career opportunity in field in SEO “best running shoes for winter,

If you want on it upon this particular keyword your blog would be rank and this particular keyword which is searched by people the chance is the long tail keyword will get easy to use. Ranking upon this keyword would be easy but the problem will be of you see that searches are very few and less as well the completion will be also less. It means there are very few people who will try to rank on this long tail keyword but the problem would be searches can be automatically reduce. If you even go for rank then searches will be remain the same slightly down and the traffic who had chances to come over that will be reduced also. On the same the medium tail keyword got moderated. Moderate in the sense the chances of coming traffic are more along with traffic the competition in this is very low even the search volumes are more in this. Short tail keywords are search a terms that are made up of no more than three words. They refer to very broad topics and rather than specific ones.

First tool we will use Google keyword planner for using this you need a Google Id.